About Us 

Our Story

We are Paul and Elaine. 

We started this small business as we are well aware our main day to day jobs are probably not going to be about for much longer. 

Our intention at the start was to sell Christmas products but after a visit to the NEC in Birmingham this changed somewhat. 

There were so many great colourful and quirky products on display that we were totally mesmerised by it all. 

Once we entered the Christmas section at NEC we were sold.  Let me explain.  I have always loved Christmas – everything about it – the songs, the lights, the presents and the decorations and, of course, Christmas movies – so much so that I drive my family nuts from the beginning of October until Christmas Day!

However, both Paul and I share a love of colourful, fun and quirky things that make us laugh. 


Although my name is Elaine, I am more commonly known to family and friends as ‘Lainey’ and if ever we go somewhere that I am really enthralled and excited about, Paul always calls it ‘Lainey Land’ – hence the name of the company is called Lainey Land Ltd. 


We have a fair few colourful and quirky items on our site and we hope you enjoy shopping with us.

Feel free to visit us on the Markets or contact us