1. It is unique and one of a kind, so very limited competition.
2. Fantastic Repeat sales - quick product turnover and profit.
3. They sell amazing - your customers will love them.
4. 90% of people take a shower - 10% of People Bathe.
5. AMOORRA brings back the true art of aromatherapy through steam - using nature´s pharmacy to enhance wellbeing.
6. It appeals to all genders and ages - lots of opportunity to retail.
7. Experiences are developed by a Master Aromatherapist - each one is unique and incredible in its scents.
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8. It works - "Just wanted to say your Awaken AMOORRA is amazing. I purchased it on Sunday at the Health and Wll-being show after speaking to a lovely genteleman on your stand. it has been an absolute godsend this week during a fibro flare and helped give me that little boost I needed!! Kind regards Vicki Rees" - November 2018
9. We are really easy to work with - "Luxdury Home Spa have been fantastic to work with. Our orders always arrive quickly and they´ve always been so kind and helpful to deal with. AMOORRA have been selling fantastically well for us, the POS always catches people´s eyes and we rarely have a customer leaving our store without one in hand! We can´t recommend them enough :)"  Paul Young - Director - Live Spiffy
10. It sells well, even when people are sceptical - "Well, I admit I was wrong but this is a seller." - Vera Sweenwy - Gift Tae Tai
11. BREATHE REALLY WORKS. Blocked nose? Runny nose? This just worked a treat for my 9 year olds blocked up head! He even said after a couple of minutes it was STRONG! He´d not smelt anything for 2 days. Better than lingerin in a bath, you fell worse when you get out of! A little bit left too for tomorrow. AMOORRA - Absolutely the future! WOW!!!
12. Online and Offline Packaging Options. AMOORRA packaging has been made to be a perfect fit for both online and offline retail needs. Our Online box is made to be sent out as a large letter, helping to lower the cost of online orders and postage. Our Retail and SRP boxes are made to stand out and be noticed on the shelf.
13. Great Health Benefits - Aromatherapy via the use of steam was used by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for their healing and soothing properties.
14. It encourages a mindfulness lifestyle - 11% year on year growth in this market.
15. A complete alternative to Bath Bombs - customers wat to try it.
16. An incredible gift or purchase for the whole year - AMOORRA sells all year round, due to its experineces being linked to what customers need and want towards a healthy lifestyle.
17. Using natures pharmacy to promote a helathy life style - more ppeople are looking for alternative options to medications and drugs.
18. Is really easy to use and no mess - it won´t leave your shower floor stainded or lined with glitter to clear up.
19. Is sold from Melbouirne to Brazil - we are on a mission to bring back wellness into the home by the steam of the Shower.
20. Helps to relieve the stresses of the day - we lead such a fast lifestyle, we need some help.
21. We have been featured int he National Media - OK, Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star and Sunday Magazines.
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