Refills For The Diffusers; The Best Choice!

Well here we are again, 9 months after the launch of our website and how exciting it has been. The site has generated a fair amount of interest and some repeat customers/orders. So a big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who did place a repeat order. To our new customers, welcome to our website, and we hope you were happy with the service and your products. Don't forget we are still selling ‘refills’ for the diffusers. These come in a sizeable 300ml bottle which means you can fill a 100ml bottle up to 3 times – all at the bargain price of £16.00 per refill bottle (Shop Now). Something to bear in mind, if you have a container/bottle you like but it has run out of the fragrance oil which was previously

How To Restore Your Body Clock For British Summer Time

At 01:00:00 on Sunday, March 25, British Summer Time will begin. We’ll turn our clocks forward by 1 hour to Sunday, March 25, 02:00:00 and the change will push sunsets later into the evening hours so there will be more light in the evening, as we head towards the Longest Day on Thursday 21st June 2018. Summer is on its way folks! But, before being so lucky, we must go through a period of adaptation to reboot our natural internal clocks and our circadian rhythm. After the clocks change, diagnosis for depression and SAD can increase, especially at certain times of the year, and lack of sleep or tiredness are some of the unfortunate side-effects. However, that doesn't mean you should give up

Going Green For Saint Patrick's Day

As you all know Saint Patrick is the patron of Ireland but this day is not only celebrated in Ireland; Saint Patrick's Day is widely celebrated around the world, especially in the UK, where in recent times increased numbers of English people have been keen to join the party. At LaineyLand we want to join this event by putting the colour green as far as the eye can see...Don't believe us? Take a look! MINT & EUCALYPTUS AND LIME ZEST ROOM SPRAYS £7.50 / each More aromas available HERE LIME ZEST DIFFUSERS & REFILLS Diffuser - £11.50 Refill - £16 More aromas available HERE CERAMIC MONEY BOXES Mouse, Owl, Frog, Cat & Dinosaur - £19.95 / each See all the animals HERE CERAMIC PLANT POTS £19.95 / ea

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