Shobu Shower Meditations; does it sound good?

Sometimes it's hard to know how and when to Meditate. But we do know how good it can be for us. ​ SHOBU Shower Meditations have been specifically designed to compliment SHOBU Shower Experiences, and to make 'Me Time' become easy, to help your day become better. The guided meditations have been written and recorded by Dr. Tamara Russell, and we believe - and we have looked deeply - to be the very first product ever to link a physical product with a specific meditation. The full album will be available for download or streaming across all digital media platforms from the 1st March. ​ There is a short preview on our website for you to enjoy: We promise that 8

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Nowadays getting subscribers of a blog post is not an easy job, and that’s the reason you deserve the best care and be rewarded from time to time. The benefits from being our subscriber are to be the first to receive the latest news, exclusive email-only offers and sale and special offers notifications. As a subscriber, you should be the first to know, that the price for the individual SHOBU Shower Bomb tablets will be £3 from 1st March. This allows us to continue offering you the best product and a great service in a sustainable way. Well, we bet you have already heard about this fantastic product – the SHOBU Shower Bombs. It is quite possible that you have even bought them, are we right? �

Betting on Red

Love and gambling don't mix, but follow our advice... This February sales, BET ON RED! If you are completely stuck for a gift idea, don't worry! Here you will find some incREDible gifts to surprise, enjoy, indulge your/her/his-self... Considering a romantic holiday? Don't forget your luxury waterproof lined wash bag. 30x25cm You can also enjoy of a SPA moment without the need of having a bath. Try the SHOBU "Seduction" aroma for that special day! Strawberries in the air! Our suggestion? Serve a glass of champagne and spoil your senses... If you are a red-wine-bibber, then this glass is for you/her/him... Maybe you have more than one valentine?! Then choose a gift and personalise it for each

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