Get Rid Of Those 5 Bad Smells With Citrics!

No matter how much of a clean freak you tend to be, odors of everyday life are unavoidable. But don't worry! — there's an easy way to dispel those bad smells with citrics! Oranges, limes and lemons have all kinds of helpful uses around the house.

The secret to deodorizing a room is first getting rid of the source of the odor, which you can do with thorough cleaning, then put these tricks into actions:

  • Deodorize the fridge: Just take a lemon or an orange, cut it in half and put in a good number of cloves. At that point the citrus goes placed in a refrigerator until it starts to dry out.

  • Clean a smelly dishwasher: Make sure your dishwasher is empty when you do this. Put a cup with lemon juice into the machine (in the top rack) and run the dishwasher. The smell will be completely gone!

  • Remove the fish odor: Boil for a few minutes lemon and/or orange peels in water with some cloves and 3 cinnamon sticks. Then turn the heat down to simmer. *You can also try my best trick: Lime Zest Room Spray (INFALLIBLE)

Lime Zest Room Spray Lainey Land


Lime Zest Refill Lainey Land


  • Fight the stink of cat litter box: Just a few slices of cut lemon or lime placed near a litter box will help neutralize unpleasant odors.

  • Get the musty smells out of closet: Place orange peels in old pantyhose or a small bag and sticking them with your clothes. You can place anywhere in the closet, on a shelf or in drawers. Replace the peels as they dry out.

Do you have any other ideas? :D

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