Valentine's Day Gifts Inspiration

Are you one of those people who love Valentine's Day? Do you enjoy being surrounded with the colour red or maybe hearts and fluffy teddy bears... But this year you are completely stuck for a gift idea?!... NO worries! Here you will find a complete range of gifts to surprise, enjoy, indulge your/her/his-self...

Try our brand new SHOBU Shower bombs, a perfect alternative to the bath bombs. 6 different aromas that will transform your shower into a Luxurious SPA.

You can buy the complete SPA selection (contains one of each experience) or choose your favourite fragrance with the pick and mix option.

Read more on our last blog post: CLICK HERE

Toast with our hand-finished Italian tulip shaped Prosecco glass.

It is designed to maximise the flavour and bubbles in your favourite fizz. Cheers!

Or are you old school? Then don´t hesitate. An extremely soft to the touch teddy bear is always a safe bet.

Maybe you have more than one valentine?! Then choose a gift and personalise it for each one.

Enjoy it! :D

Not sure yet about the perfect gift? Our Gift Card is the best gift for any occasion. Give them the excitement of choosing a gift they really want!

We hope you enjoy next Valentine's Day. Don´t forget you will have a free delivery on all orders over £12.

See you soon!​

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