Betting on Red

Love and gambling don't mix, but follow our advice... This February sales, BET ON RED!

If you are completely stuck for a gift idea, don't worry! Here you will find some incREDible gifts to surprise, enjoy, indulge your/her/his-self...

Considering a romantic holiday? Don't forget your luxury waterproof lined wash bag. 30x25cm

Red heart wash bag - St. Valentine gift by Lainey Land

You can also enjoy of a SPA moment without the need of having a bath. Try the SHOBU "Seduction" aroma for that special day!

Shobu Shower Bombs Complete SPA selection - St. Valentine gift by Lainey Land

Strawberries in the air! Our suggestion? Serve a glass of champagne and spoil your senses...

English strawberry refill - St. Valentine gift by Lainey Land

If you are a red-wine-bibber, then this glass is for you/her/him...

Wine improves with age glass - St. Valentine gift by Lainey Land

Maybe you have more than one valentine?! Then choose a gift and personalise it for each one.

Enjoy it! :D

Personalise your gift by Lainey Land

We hope you enjoy next Valentine's Day. Don´t forget you will have a free delivery on all orders over £12.

See you soon!​

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