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As a subscriber, you should be the first to know, that the price for the individual SHOBU Shower Bomb tablets will be £3 from 1st March. This allows us to continue offering you the best product and a great service in a sustainable way.

Shobu Shower Bombs by Lainey Land

Well, we bet you have already heard about this fantastic product – the SHOBU Shower Bombs. It is quite possible that you have even bought them, are we right? 😊

Do you have a preferred aroma? It might be the Awaken, or the Breathe one… Well, guess what?! From now on you will be able to customize your box! Choose your 6 preferred aromas and pay the same (£15/box)!

Shobu Shower Bombs Customisable Box by Lainey Land Gifts

Just choose the Customisable Box, add it to your cart and before checking out, add a note with your 6 preferred aromas. Remember that the delivery will be free – as usual for orders over £12! And that’s it! In a few days you will receive your order to the address you chose.

So, take advantage and place your order now before 1st March! And remember that from now on by buying the Complete SPA Selection or the Customizable one YOU WILL SAVE MONEY!

Thank you for your support and happy shopping!

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